# Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today is a big day for fun, the showing of Transformers 2 movie (Revenge of the fallen) definitely is an important entertainment to catch, so despite having to travel a long way to the SkyPlaza at terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International airport, I still go for it. Why the airport? Well, this is why:

Although I want to watch the IMAX version, in the days of H1N1, avoiding crowds is a preferable option. The cost is a HKD$100 ride on Airport express, though I took a much less costly transportation option on my way back (bus), which would take 80 minutes instead of 35 minutes, by the way, I live in the Hong Kong Island side. And how about travelling to the IMAX theater in Kowloon Bay? A 30 minutes MTR ride at HKD $11+ will do.

Another cost related thing to mention is that the ticket price is lower at SkyPlaza (HKD$40) vs the $85 at IMAX theater in Megabox/Kowloon Bay.

So how about the quality? Is the 4D Extreme Screen (which they claim to have a dimension of 64 ft X 44 ft, close to 5-storey high) comparable to IMAX? Well, this movie has no 4D element exactly except that they create some winds and gas at some moment, besides that, I guess it is just an ordinary movie showing, with only around 60% to 70% usage of the screen, the quality seems to be not as good as IMAX, but it is still better than most theaters in Hong Kong, and one special thing about this MCL Cinema is the distance between the audiences and the screen, which is quite comfortable. In the IMAX theater, the distance is too close for such a wide screen, so even when you are taking the highest row, the viewing is still not comfortable, but I believe that the IMAX version should still produce better quality, I would try that out a week or two later when less people would go to watch this movie.

So is the movie good? I think it is ok, the fresh stimulus we got when the first movie came out may have diminished, so it is only a "ok", and I think the story line is not good enough, generating too much chaotic screens without enough depth, but for entertainment, it is still a must watch movie if you like movie of this kind, it is not easy to have something better, may be I was just expecting too much.

Anyway, I like to mention the places to eat in Terminal 2 of the airport, there are really a lot of options, I went to Wong Chi Kee this time, not bad, but just like the movie, it is just "ok", there are better noodle house around that I'll start to talk about in my next blog entries.

Wong Chi Kee 黃枝記粥麵店 (Just beside the Cinema)

Other options there:

So during your departure from Hong Kong, you can arrive at the airport early and still have some good dining options, the Skyplaza is at Terminal 2 (getting off at right side of the Airport Express), as most flights are handled at Terminal 1, but don't worry, moving from one terminal to the other is extremely easy and fast.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 5:14:04 PM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)