# Sunday, August 16, 2009

手信 is a tradition among many Greater China geographies wherein travellers will bring back items as small gifts for family and friends, very often these small gifts are edible foods of the places that they have visited, for Hong Kong, Japanese 手信 are highly welcomed, but how about people visiting Hong Kong? What can they bring back?

There are many great options, I may blog about that in future entries, but today I am not going to focus on that, instead, I want to mention something I bought also at the Food Expo, the Flossy Pork Egg Rolls (肉鬆蛋卷) from Koi Kei Bakery (鉅記手信), well, this bakery is actually from Macau, and not Hong Kong, but since travelling to Macau is so convenient (only a 1 hour ride on Ferry), it is not being conidered very foreign to us.

Koi Kei produces excellent biscuits and other Chinese style bakery products as well as traditional Chinese sweets, recently they also produce sauces and even canned abalones, they have shops in Hong Kong (there is one in Sogo basement at Causeway Bay) but the Flossy Pork Egg Rolls (肉鬆蛋卷) usually is available in Macau Shops only, so when I see them at the Expo, I purchased half a dozen of them without hesitation, at HKD 29 (net price after discount), this is a great snack to enjoy!

So what exactly is Flossy Pork Egg Rolls (肉鬆蛋卷)? The internals are dried shredded meat with flavor (they are flossy), and wrapped in crispy egg biscuits, this snack mixes sweetness and salty senses perfectly, with a perfect sensation when bitten inside your mouth, I would say this is something that visitors to Hong Kong and Macau should not miss.

There are many great stuffs from Koi Kei that deserves attention, grab a couple others and try it, the different flavors of almond cake/biscuit (杏仁餅) is a must try too.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009 7:01:58 PM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)