# Saturday, March 7, 2009

In order to enrich my experience with this restaurant, I got there again and it was a good decision, I enjoyed a wonderful meal!

I got there quite early this time and the atmosphere was truly nice, with few people around, the feeling was totally different, but may be because of the early timing, it took quite awhile for the dishes to come.

The big surprise is the 冰燒三層肉, I am a little unsure on how to translate this, it is a 3 layer pork (skin, fat and lean meat) roasted to come up with crispy skin, what is so special about Fu Sing's style is that the meat is not too oily but tasty, and the flavor and testure and nicely balanced. I heard that the dish was invented out of accident, a cook overdone the dish and used ice to cool it down, and came up with the unexpected effect.


Another nice dish is the mushroom fish soup noodle (雙菇魚湯米線), the soup is exceptionally great, i guess they must have used sufficient seafood material to come up with such a rich soup.

The Crispy barbecued pork bun (酥皮叉燒餐包) that many recommended is good, but not fit my personal taste, I do not like the mix of sweet and salty sensation, I think I like the traditional steamed version better.

By the way, I saw some westerners sitting at a table reading the menu while I left, from their look I think they are having a hard time. May be they are not aware that during lunch hours, the small pieces of colorful paper are what people would usually order from instead of the menu booklet, unfortunately, those papers are Chinese only, so I guess having a translation list here may help a bit, I may try to come up with one if some of you would request so.

And one more thing, one dish that seems to be great (but I haven'tried yet) is 紅酒炆牛尾 (red wine stewed/braised Ox tail), I would try it next time.

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