# Thursday, August 27, 2009

Although being a Chinese City, Hong Kong is probably also a place with the highest concentration of high quality Japanese restaurants outside of Japan. In fact, many local folks are supporters of Japanese products, and many are die-hard fans of Japanese food.

I cannot say I like Japanese food a lot, eating raw fish is not something easy to overcome for me, but it is interesting that there is one particular sashimi that I like a lot - Salmon Sashimi, and fortunately, many local Japanese restaurant can serve this with high quality, and the ones from Nagoyaka Tei (和花亭壽司) is also excellent. Having tried Salmon Sashimi from more than a dozen restaurants, I would say the freshness and meat quality of Nagoyaka Tei is top notch!

和花亭壽司 Nagoyaka Tei from Kushiro Hokkaido is very popular Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, having very good word-of-mouth on their rich varieties of high quality Sushi, I am not a fan of Sushi and the one I had this time is only average, but I think that it is due to my lack of understanding on Sushi, so I was not able to order the best that the restaurant can offer.

和花亭炸蝦卷 - Literally Nagoyaka Tei's fried shrimp roll, but it is served cold instead of hot as I expected, not that bad but not superb either.

Like many Sushi bars, you can fill up forms (in Chinese) or pick up from the belt, there are also sake and drinks being "transported" around.

They also serve hot dishes like Udon and Soup, the Salmon Soup is not a very good choice and I think this is not where their strength lies.

Located in Ocean Terminal, the restaurant is always full during lunch break, get there before 12:00 noon will be safer, overall I think this restaurant is worth trying if you are a Sushi  lover, as they seem to offer many unique varieties, but for Sashimi and hot dishes, may be you can look elsewhere, and to be fair, as the restaurant name implies (壽司 = Sushi), there is no reason to set high expectation on a Sushi Bar if you do not like Sushi that much.

So please do not consider my review seriously as an opinion, I just hope that I can help by letting you know about this restaurant. Well, I did enjoy the Salmon Sashimi there, so I am somehow positive about them.

Address in Chinese: 尖沙咀海運大廈地下 OT G03 號舖 
Address in English: Zone OT G03, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel. 3586 2622

Thursday, August 27, 2009 3:45:23 PM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
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