# Sunday, August 8, 2010

At August, the yellow oil crabs (黃油蟹) are available again, I had 2 meals already and like to share my experiences here, but instead of East Ocean (東海) vs SuperStar (鴻星) (which I did a comparison last year), I tried East Ocean and Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant (滬江大飯店) instead. I'll explain why I have not tried Superstar later.

The price of the crabs seems to be even more expensive this year, Yellow Oil Crab is indeed an expensive delicacies, but is it worth it? Personally I think at such price range, it is becoming a concern.

The set at East Ocean (http://www.eastocean.com.hk/) is relatively economic, at HKD 438 (inclusive of service charge), you get a lot of goodies beyond the crab, the crab quality is ok, not bad but not as good as that from Wu Kong, and they can't give me a male crab, which I prefer over female.

The set at Wu Kong (滬江) is expensive, you need to pay over HKD 800 including service charge, the crab is nice, although they said they can't allow customer to specify a male crab, I think the one I got is male, with the kind of crab paste that I like most. They also cooked the crab using wine (make it drunk first I think), but the wine taste is not really that appealing for me, I think I would prefer simple steaming better, so if you are not really into wine tastes in food, you need to check that out before ordering.

A good crab would have rich yellow oil even at limbs!

Wu Kong's set does not include a lot of stuffs, but the soup is a very expensive one, the noodle is not very good, and the crab used in the soup and noodle are hairy crabs and not yellow oil crabs.

I like this dessert very much

I would not recommend either set if you live in Hong Kong, as buying a crab and cook it at home can be a better choice, and at such price range, I would even question if eating Yellow Oil Crab is really worth the money, but if money is not a big concern, and you really want the taste, I think finding a good crab dealer can be a good option. Cooking crabs at home can allow one to choose what you want in a meal without being forced or lured to have something in the set which is not what you really need, or having some ingredients that is against your belief.

But if you are a tourist, or picking/cooking a crab is too much hassle for you, I think the East Ocean set is a good deal, the set can be too much for an average single person, so having a party of few person can better consume the set with some combinations of other dishes, so costing wise it is more economical, for the same reason I haven't tried Superstar's set because it is relatively more expensive, though the 10% off at some branches would reduce the gap (http://www.superstargroup.com.hk/setmenu/10_rcrab_AB/10_rcrab1b.jpg).

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