# Friday, August 21, 2009

The Computer Festival in Hong Kong used to be a must-go event for me, but as the fair turns from a venue for seeing new cool stuff into a dump site for old stock, going there is ok only if time allows, I went there today (the first day) and there were not many people. As expected, I do not see new innovations (I heard about 3D LCD monitor from Viewsonic but missed it) and it was simply a noisy night market like place.

But considering it a night market for low price tech items, there sure are a lot of things to hunt for, I only bought a hard disk though. My years of I.T. Technology experiences tell me not to buy something for low price, as the price will always only drop, and usually within very short time, the rule is, buy something only when it is needed immediately.

I was actually looking for a new notebook too, I use Fujitsu notebook computers for years, and is very happy for the quality and durability, I once dropped it hard and at another occasion, had it accidently turned on inside the bag and "baked" for at least 3 hours, but the notebook still works flawlessly, being "made in Japan" is another great drive for this brand, however, at the festival today, I only see old models being sold, all with only 2GB of memory, 2GB? No, I am looking for something with at least 6GB, hey, this is 2009.

At Sony's booth, I found a new series of notebook that looks very interesting, the VAIO Z series notebook features 6GB built-in memory, and the top end model has options for either SSD drive or a blu-ray drive (but not both), but considering the price point, I think the VAIO TT series would be even more attractive, as it offers a light weight computer with good power in good price. Here in Hong Kong, size and weight is very important, unlike I.T. folks in North America and Europe, most of us do not drive, so excessive weight will cause trouble moving around. Looks like I may betray my loyalty to Fujitsu this time. 

Another interesting find today is the Disney Notebook from Asus, interesting but not my choice, I do doubt the value of such marketing gimmick, a Disney notebook? Not for me definitely...

But the computer festival is really great if you are not looking for the latest and coolest, Hong Kong is probably the best place to buy I.T. stuffs as the shops here offers very competitive pricing, much more so in the Computer Festival, I may go there again on last day (Aug 24, Monday) and check things out, but I sure would abide by my own rule, I'll only buy what I really need, and not for the price. The problem is, however, I am a little lost on what I really need.

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