# Sunday, August 29, 2010

The past week is a very difficult time for most of us here in Hong Kong, I was planning a family trip during Autumn but now  I have to seriously reconsider, not much because of the probability of any real threat during travelling, but it is more a psycho effect thing. General sentiment among friends is to appreciate how lucky we are to be living in Hong Kong, although not saying that nothing would happen here, most of us feel safe when moving around most parts of the city.

I was in New York last month and I was kind of concern with safety, but honestly there were not a single incident or sights of anything that made me feel unsafe, so a lot of cities in the world may be suffering from an image problem, indeed, it is always easy to create bad image but a good reputation takes a long time to build up, I hope our local authorities can keep up the good work and prepare for the worst.

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