# Thursday, August 6, 2009

I once worked in a building known as Jardine House in Central Hong Kong around 3 years ago, this building used to be the tallest building in Hong Kong during the 70s, and at the lower floor there are quite a few eateries and restaurants, and Jasmine Place (怡翠軒) was a Chinese restaurant that I rarelywent to, my impression with it was really not so good. Recently I went to Jardine House for something and suddenly felt like eating there, and my first impression was - wow, they have quite a nice decoration now - and looks much more high class than it used to be.

But are the food as greatly improved as the decoration? I think perhaps not exactly, usually I would judge dim sum quality of a restaurant by the basics, for example, Ha Gau (Shrimp dumpling) or Siu Mai, if they cannot do it well, then probably they are not great enough yet, and Jasmine Place fails this test in both their Ha Gau (Shrimp dumpling) and Siu Mai.

However, the 2 layers dim sum casket (good for 2 person) as a whole is quite a good deal considering the relatively expensively priced dim sums in this restaurant. Well, I am not saying that they serve bad dim sum, it is just that the price is so high that you are actually paying for the location and not the food, this restaurant I believe is serving business customers who work in the building or at nearby offices, as Central is such a busy commercial district in Hong Kong.


There is one dim sum that I think is kind of innovative and tastes good, which is a seafood roll (crab meat) wrapped in thin noodles, I like this one a lot.


Another great surprise is the dessert that I ordered, 楊枝甘露 is a popular dessert in Hong Kong, which is a mix of mango, grapefruit and coconut milk, it is one of my favorite, and Jasmine Place created one with Ice Cream in it (Mango Ice cream), and the result is double yummy! I have to give a thumbs up for this.


I guess there could be a reason why this restaurant is on the Michelin guide, in fact they do have a Michelin Menu (which does not look that attractive to me on paper), but personally I would recommend this restaurant if you shall be having business visit at Jardine House, do not want to go far to eat, and shall be able to claim your dining expenses from the company.

One thing that I need to mention is that their staffs are very professional and friendly, I believe foreign friends will sure find them helpful.

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