# Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland is probably the only Disneyland where you can find high quality Chinese food, although there are rich varieties of food choices in the park, if you not aiming for a quick meal and wish to have better dining experiences, Plaza Inn can be a good choice.

The dishes are quite expensive so I ordered better ones as it gives best value for the money, a nice surprise is the Crab meat soap (蟹肉榆耳羹), 蟹肉 = Crab meat and 榆耳 is a kind of edible mushroom, the combination is very nice and it is one of the best soup I had, what is special is that the flavor is  delicious but not as heavy as typical in Chinese soup, I think perhaps 榆耳 is what gives the soup the special taste.

I also ordered 遼參爆京蔥, 遼參 is an expensive species of sea cucumber, those from Hokkaido Japan are extremely expensive, so I assume that the ones we had are from China, but this dish is quite a bargain considering the number of sea cucumbers included. Fried with Thick Spring Orion, this one is a popular delicacy, and very good to be taken with plain rice, but this restaurant has not brought out the best of it yet, I feel that the taste is yet to be improved.

The crispy skin chicken (脆皮雞) is average, nice one to help stuffing everyone's stomach, also we ordered the Mickey Mouse shape dessert, HKD $39 for 3, just ordinary but ordered it for fun.

Located near the castle where you can watch the fireworks (not within the restaurant but standing outside), the restaurant is easy to find, the food is above average but the pricing is really high for the same class, considering a restaurant inside Disneyland it is expected, Plaza Inn is worth trying if paying a bit more is ok for you and dining in downtown is not viable for your timing (it would take 30 to 45 minutes for you to ride to Kowloon or Hong Kong island via MTR), in our case, we wanted to watch the fireworks at 8:00p, do dining there was a better arrangement.

By the way, if you live in one of the Disney Hotels, I think you can also try out the Chinese restaurants there, the pricing should also be quite high, I haven't tried them yet so cannot comment on the quality of food there.

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