# Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes you go to a fair and the best thing you got ends up as something that is totally unexpected from a fair of that nature, this happens again today at the Food Expo.

I am a fan of Nissin's instant noodle (出前一丁即食麵), I know instant noodles are not healthy, therefore I only buy those Nissin products produced in Japan, and there is a popular saying, if you boil the noodles once and discard the water, the harmful material at the surface of the noodle will be melted away, with all these safety measures, so I would still enjoy the great tastes of a Nissin Instant Noodle once in awhile, I also like the original flavor with sesame oil, though occasionally I would also try some special seasonal offers.

But don't get me wrong, Nissin's instant noodles are not the best thing I got today at the Hong Kong Food Expo 2009, it is a set of Mahjong (麻將)! Yes, a set of Nissin Mahjong (出前一丁麻將)!

This Nissin Mahjong (出前一丁麻將) set uses interesting patterns and can be practically used! I don't play Mahjong at all, but this set is so funny that I decide to keep it as a collector item, it will remain unopened though.

And I think this serves well as a wedding gift item too - all red color, and can be used instantly during wedding banquet.


Other cool stuffs that you can buy from the Nissin booth:

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