# Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫荊廣場) is a tourist spot that attracts quite a lot of visitors from mainland. It a place for Special Flag Raising Ceremony and a symbol for the return of Hong Kong to China. Visiting the place is meaningful for mainland Chinese tourist but may be less attractive to tourist from other countries. However, being at WanChai district (it is located at seaside and a few minutes walking distance away from main commercial area) and being part of the HKCEC Convention Center, it is worth visiting if it fits your itinerary.

地址 :   灣仔博覽道1號香港會議展覽中心地下
電話 : 2582 7728

Golden Bauhinia
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Golden Bauhinia Square
Expo Drive East
Wan chai

Tel: 2582 7728

Google Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=114499201820180881946.000463d25b524e2ce06d1

And for dining, the Golden Bauhinia could be a great choice. Since I had only lunch there in recent months, I can only comment on dim sums (which are my favorites):

Jumbo Ha Gao 蝦餃 (shrimp dumpling) is getting popular these days but personally I believe that Shrimp dumpling is not best being eaten that way, it is simply too big. The regular Ha Gao can be bitten in half (or taken as a whole for people with big mouth) so you can enjoy the right mix of the stuff and the skin, the Jumbo Ha Gao makes it a little difficult, as the stuff may fall out at first bite (or the whole thing will fall apart), especially when the skin is not strong. The Jumbo Ha Gao here is well done, it is good, but I think ordering the regular Ha Gao (4 pieces in one order) will be my choice.


Well, may be you would wonder, why would a restaurant offer the same item in two sizes (in this case Ha Gao), the nice surprise is that the regular Ha Gao is a little special, unlike the Ha Gao else where, it has a few green spot on the skin, I heard that vegetable sauce are added to it, and while there were reports saying that they are not that good, I personally found them excellent, possibly they had improved it after being criticized.


"Fan go" (粉果) usually comes as 潮州粉果 chiu-chau style dumpling and I am not a fan of it, probably because I don't like the sticky thick dumpling wrapper made from glutinous rice flour, as well as the traditional content of  peanuts, garlic, chives, pork, dried shrimp. But this one from Golden Bauhinia has stuff that is primarily shrimp,  and I do quite like it.


Most of the salty/flaky pastry - "Sou" (酥) are in forms of barbecued pork filling, but some use higher cost material such as abalone, I can't remember 100% sure that this one has abalone filling, the sure thing is that it tastes very good


The Shark fin dumpling in soup (魚翅灌湯餃) is good and has rich content, may be I had tried so many great ones so there is no wow factor but I sure would like to order this again.


This one is called 蠔皇鮮竹卷, I found it rather hard to translate and I did not check how the restaurant translates it, many restaurants have this but I believe that Golden Bauhinia has the best! Literally it means Steamed Tofu Skin Rolls with Oyster Sauce, with some nice stuffing inside. I highly recommend it.


This fried taro roll with stuffing has one of the most unique and nice looking packaging among all dimsum, the taste is ok but may be just not my favorite, so I can only enjoy the look of it.

Overall I would say Golden Bauhinia is a great restaurant, and due to its location, having a table is usually not difficult unless it is booked by tours from China, please note that not many western tourists would go there but it is a hot spot for mainland visitors. The environment is nice and comfortable, although the services quality varies from time to time, it would still be good enough, especially for foreign visitors.


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