# Saturday, 02 May 2009

I went out today and found out that people are generally calm about the H1N1 virus case found in Hong Kong. The shops and restaurants are still full of people and only few are wearing face masks, while I feel that we should remain alert and keep good hygiene, there is no need to panic indeed.

By the way, Vitamin C is important for health, I bought some juicy and truly sweet oranges today, these PureSpect oranges are said to have guaranteed sweetness of 12 degree by the local supermart (though I am not sure about how sweetness is measured), but I have not found any info at their web site about sweetness measurement, though there are quite a lot of information and I learnt that the fruits are selected through near-infrared devices. I feel that these oranges are quite good and taste fresh, compared to the sunkist oranges that we usually eat, they contain relatively more juice, so I am not disappointed. Sold at HKD $18 (USD $2.3) for 4 pcs, I think it is reasonably priced.

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