# Saturday, 08 August 2009

The Hong Kong weather in recent weeks are really bad, having hot temperature is common in many parts of the world, but at the same time having polluted misty air and being trapped amidst a cement forest as dense as those in this city should be something unique to Hong Kong. Well, the recent passing by of typhoon is also a factor though, but it is well known that the humid hot Hong Kong weather during this season is really uncomfortable.

Although there are government and civilian measures to help fight pollution, but there are fundamental issues that make me feel that the problem cannot easily go away, limited by the size of the city with a dense population, and being affected by the manufacturing facilities in surrounding regions, there is a price to pay for living here to enjoy the good things that Hong Kong can offer.

There has been a study saying that indoor air quality can be better than those of outdoor if you have a air purifier, I have installed two of these at home, and I tend to believe that it is true, the indicator on the air purifier may show poor condition when I open all windows, but end up ok when the room is air-conditioned. If you tell the old folks that outdoor air is worse than indoor air, they must think you are crazy, but unfortunately, I am afraid that it can be true at some moment of the year.

On Air purifier, I am relying heavily on a Panasonic model, which works very well for years, the other one is Sharp, which unfortunately always emit a strange odor (I believe that it is carbon) and is rarely used (unless under conditions which I must use both for powerful and quick air clean up), I suspect that the strange odor is caused by the humidity, which may have affected the filter, and this humidity problem can also be attributed to the Hong Kong weather. I think I should avoid opening windows immediately after turning off air conditioner, as we all know, this will draw water vapors attached to cold surfaces, I think this is bad for air filters as wet carbon may produce odors as I read.

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