# Monday, July 26, 2010

I dropped by at Wan Chai today to purchase a portable hard drive, and found out that the original iPad case and Camera Connection Kit I purchased at New York are also available locally, but the price....

This is a price comparison:

iPad Case
- US Pricing USD 39
- Hong Kong Pricing HKD 550 = USD 70

iPad Camera Connection Kit
- US Pricing USD 29
- Hong Kong Pricing HKD 780 = USD 100

These are prices quoted by a shop, I believe the prices vary greatly among vendors, but since the official iPad pricing in Hong Kong is basically the same as US Pricing, why can shops set such aggressive pricing for the accessories? One possible explanation is the lack of supply through official channel, in fact, in my last visit to Apple Store during my US trip, the  Camera Connection Kit could not be found on shelf any more, so there is probably a shortage of supply even in US.

So I was lucky to have a presence of mind to get that while I was in US (while I was not able to purchase an iPad there at that time).

As of this moment, the apple online store in Hong Kong is not offering iPad yet, it is interesting to speculate if there are problems behind the production line, especially with the wierd news in recent months about the manufacturer of Apple products...

By the way, if you are checking on where you can buy iPad 行貨 in Hong Kong, the official list of sellers are here:

iPad 經銷商 resellers in Hong Kong

I would not suggest buying from unofficial channels, aside from paying much extra, there can be risk on support and warranty, you can call the official sellers for more information. Broadway is where I usually purchase electronics product from.

My earlier iPad related post with pictures (not a review exactly) : http://www.biginhongkong.com/2010/07/25/AppleIPadAvailableInHongKongNow.aspx

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