# Sunday, July 12, 2009

Starting July 7, 2009, Registered retailers in Hong Kong will charge customers not less than HKD 0.5 for each shopping bag with handles if they demand it, these retailers are mostly department stores, supermarts and other bigger retail outlets.


While some people get away with it by getting plastic bags with no handles, most local residents do bring their own eco-friendly shopping bags. I admit that this can cause some inconvenience, but for the cause of protecting the environment (protecting ourselves - human - actually, as the earth will survive after all), I believe that if under situation where bringing a bag is not feasible, paying 50 cents is acceptable too.

Talking about environment protection, not sure if many are aware of a UN report telling us that Livestock is a major threat to environment, and it generates more greenhouse gas emissions than the transportation sector!


While becoming a total vegetarian is not easy, enjoying a nice vegetarian meal more often can now serve one more purposes: Save the planet, and thus saving us.

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