# Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I once thought that I have tried most of the "extremes" in dim sum, but after trying out OVOlogue (祇月), I just knew I had not.

Located and renovated out of a hundred-year-old Pawn Shop, this restaurant creates a unique mix of Old Oriental decoration with a Western style atmosphere, I would not say that their food tastes super great, but the look definitely is rich for visual satisfaction.

The urchin soup (with gold dusts) is quite ok, as well as the sio mai.

But this gold fish is better for looking than eating.

I would suggest trying out this restaurant for experiences, if pure great food is what you want, you can get the same quality elsewhere at a much lower spending, or at the same spending, but with a much higher quality. But for the unique experiences, such as this special money tray used for payment, may be it truly worth a visit after all.

Address in English: 66 Johnston Rd. Wan Chai.
Address in Chinese: 灣仔莊士敦道66號地下
Tel: 2527 6088

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