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Information that may be provided to
If you choose to use certain features of, such as leaving comments, you may be asked to provide a name, an e-mail address, or other information such as an Home Page url.

You can choose to use your own name, but you can also use a nickname or other type of anonymous user name. If you leave a comment, the name you provided appears on the comment.

Information such as Email address and Home Page are optional, but if a Home Page url is provided, it will be the link that users can click on your user name to navigate to. Please note that does not have any control over the websites and webpages that you provide in the url, and is not responsible for the contents or their use, please do not provide links to harmful material, and please check theTerms of Service for condition on using this web site.

A "Remember Me" check box is provided for your convenience in case you wish to make multiple comments or plan to provide comments in the future without repeatedly filling in information, checking this box or leveraging this feature is also optional.

The e-mail address that you can optionally provide when you leave a comment is not displayed to other readers. We will not use this e-mail address to contact you except in rare cases where your online privacy or safety is at risk, or there are violations to the Terms of Service. However, by providing your email address, you give us permission to contact you. You are also required to only provide url and email address that you own or manage, and will not faultly provide contact information of another person.

Your IP address is also logged when you leave a comment.

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